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WB Community Center Prag 

Standort: Prag, Tschechien

Planungsdaten: geladener Wettbewerb (2.Platz)

Planungszeitraum: Oktober 2014


Zoning & meeting places

The community center acts as a transmitter between the public space and the garden while creating a clear space zoning. In the public space are meeting places, play opportunities and open library situated. In the garden a stage serves as a cultural meeting place with seating steps and summer theater. Hammocks and picnic decks allow individual retreat for resting and recreation.

The historical ensemble

The new community center will be built directly next to the St. George’s church on a spot that was previously occupied by typical saddleback roofed houses. Taking the ensemble of Old Hloubětín into consideration, the project draws upon the form of these archetypical houses. However, a modern interpretation is applied through the material and construction methods used, which optimally match the requirements of a modern community center.



In order to encourage the greatest amount of contact between the public and events taking place at the center, the functional areas entry, café and the multipurpose hall are all placed directly on the street leading to the church or directly on the park. The extensive use of glass provides the project with an visual openness.


Low-threshold accessibility

One can see what’s going on within the building just by passing by it. Exhibits are apparent to those outside the building even when the community center is closed. The street, exhibits, events and the park all of them join together in one common space.